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Gym Flooring Dubai brings you the complete range of underlay products and services for sports courts, facilities, and gyms. Our underlays for sport courts will effectively multiply your performance while playing.

Comfort & Durability

Enjoy maximum comfort while you play and/or exercise with our thick and layered underlays, best suitable for all sports.

Safety And Security

Say goodbye to all injuries, fatigue, stress, and aches regardless of the game you play; our underlays are highly stable.

Aesthetics & Sophistication

These underlays will help you in designing a commercial-grade indoor sports court for personal game practices and/or fitness goals.

Top-notch Sport Court Underlay Suppliers

We have been providing the finest-grade and most versatile underlayment products for sports facilities in the UAE for decades. Choose us to get the best solutions to all your requirements!

Get Cost-effective Sport Court Treatments In Dubai

The sport courts underlay Dubai cost at our brand is the most economical one in the entire UAE market. And you can expect to create the most comfortable, high-performance and long-term favorable sport court foundations with it, that too, for every kind of sport and/or activity.


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Our Sport Courts Underlays Collection 2024

Following are our underlayments dedicated for personal and professional-grade basketball courts. These primarily include Polyurethane, Multipurpose, Plywood and Rubber Pad Underlays.

What Types Of Underlays Do We Provide For Sport Courts?

At Gym Flooring Dubai, we stock the widest and most purposeful ranges of underlays for indoor and outdoor sport courts. Some of the most incredible options among them are Modular, Recycled Rubber, Polyurethane, Rubber Pads, Acrylic, Hardwood, and Multipurpose Underlays.

As for rubber flooring underlays, these offer the best cushioning and shock absorption, and the modular ones are excellent for outdoor usage, with durable and low-maintenance profiles. Moving ahead, our PU underlay is the finest option for both indoors and outdoors which provides high slip resistance.

Multipurpose underlay is another great option to consider; it features both concrete and asphalt and makes the sturdiest foundation for all high-impact sports such as Basketball. And if you’re not a fan of traditional hardcourt floorings, our Acrylic underlay will be a classic choice for you.

Finest Sport Courts Underlay

Popular Underlay Choices For Sports Courts  

Drainage Properties

No puddling or water damage.

Thermal Insulation

Maximum comfort in all seasons.

Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction

No disturbance in surrounding areas.

Zero Wear And Tear

Impact absorption for damage prevention.

Top Advantages Of Our Sports Facility Underlays

The foremost benefit of investing in our premium-grade outdoor sport courts underlay Dubai is that it will ensure the utmost safety for the players while also maximizing their performance. This underlay offers shock absorption and high traction for minimal injuries.

In addition, our high-quality underlay works as a hard-wearing barrier between the subbase and playing surfaces to increase the lifespan of courts. Also, it protects the courts from all sorts of damages such as moisture, uneven settling and cracks.

This way, there’s a minimal or no requirement for repairs or replacements. Most importantly, our underlayments ensure game fairness and accurate and constant ball bouncing by creating a smooth and even surface.

Buy Comfortable Sport Courts Underlay

Our Fast & Efficient Procedure Of Underlay Installation

We carry out the entire job of underlayment installation in no time and with incomparable excellence, no matter the area type or project difficulty scale. Up ahead, are some quick insights into our working manner:

  • Site Preparation: We excavate your desired area and level the base materials for stable and even foundations.
  • Underlay Installation: We install a dedicated vapor barrier followed by placing the underlay panels with maximum precision.
  • Joint Treatment: We fill out the seams with specialized sealants to create seamless and watertight playing surfaces.
  • Surface Treatment: We thoroughly clean the underlay for the fitting of court surfaces like turfs or tiles
Elegant Sport Courts Underlay

Why Choose Us?

Sports Courts Underlay by Gym Flooring Dubai is the best quality treatment for both the protection as well as the support of a sports court subfloor.

Free Samples

You can evaluate the quality of our underlays by requesting free material samples; they will be delivered to your doorstep.

Subfloor Treatments

Besides underlay installations, we also offer all fixing and repair services to treat all the subfloor damages and imperfections.

Long-lasting Results

Our underlays for sports facilities are extremely high-performance and durable, proving to be a truly value-for-money investment.

Helpful Consultation

To assist you in selecting the right underlays for your requirements, we provide round-the-clock consultation services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Versatile Sport Courts Underlay

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Following is a glimpse of how our finest flooring products always manage to satisfy customers and provide well for all their needs.


Up ahead, is some more valuable information about our sport courts underlay which will clear any questions or confusions that you might have.

Also, we are available 24/7 to provide you with further assistance.

Yes, these underlayments can be used outdoors because they are designed for heavy-duty applications. However, some types may not be compatible with outdoor or excessive use so it is important to choose an outdoor-specific underlay which can put up with all the wear and tear.

Yes, they can be easily customized in accordance with different requirements. For high-impact sports, underlays with the highest capacities of shock absorption should be used. For sports requiring responsive surfaces, it’s best to go with firmly composed or blended underlays.

This majorly depends on the type of sports you plan on playing and the kind of experience you want. For high-impact sports, you should get an underlay that’s 8 mm to 12 mm thick. Whereas for lower-impact and multi-purpose courts, underlays with 4 mm to 8 mm thickness are enough.

Yes, professional handling is crucial for the correct fitting and performance of a sport court underlayment, particularly in the case of complex underlays, large or more problematic sports grounds and/or uneven subfloors.

In addition, professional services also ensure a perfect finish.

Commonly used materials include Rubber, Bonded Foam, Recycled Plastic, Cork, Crushed Stone and Wood Composite Boards.

Additionally, many underlays feature a combination of different materials such as rubber and foam for extra shock absorption, comfort and maximum support.

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