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Improve the functionality of your fake grass by adding our high-performance pieces designed to enhance the cushioning and coziness, creating a sustainable walking surface.

Enhance Convenience To Your Lifestyle By Selecting Fake Grass Underlay

Create comfortable ground in your residential and commercial space with the addition of padding underneath your synthetic grass. For this purpose, select our top-notch brand as we’ve been delivering quality Artificial Turf Underlay Dubai for more than a decade to provide you with the most of us.


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Get your hands on our shock-resistant felt pads available with texture variations and extensive styles.

We Offer Custom Solutions For Fake Grass Paddings At Low Rates

Redefine the comfort & add support to your balconies, patios, terraces, decks, rooftops, stairs, entrances, and other landscaping floors by customizing the underfelts to your specified size and shape requirements. Also, you can personalize the materials considering the functional aspects.

Whether you select an artificial grass foam underlay or a rubber one, we provide you with them at highly affordable rates. Also, we offer featured discounts on our quality personalization services and landscaping elements. Our cost of artificial turf for sale is highly discounted and you can get them while being on your budget.

Long Pile
Long Pile
Short Pile
Short Pile

Have a Look At Our Amazing Artificial Turf Underlay Designs

Shock Absorber
Shock Absorber

Reduce the risk of injuries from falls.

Additional Stability
Additional Stability

Provides smooth surfaces to walk over.

Conceals Imperfections
Conceals Imperfections

Perfectly hides any ridges and bumps.

Enhanced Lifetime

Optimize the lifespan of your synthetic grass.

Benefits Of Investing In Our Artificial Turf Padding

Create ultra-soft & 100% slip-resistant surfaces in the outdoors by purchasing our fake grass underlayment that features distinct materials and functionalities. We provide heavy-duty paddings that are designed to enhance the support and add the cushioning feel underfoot. You can get these paddings with holes for an efficient drainage mechanism.

For exterior spaces where fake grass is exposed to all kinds of weather conditions and environmental aspects, our water, stains, & wear or tear-resistant paddings are worth investment. Additionally, you can get infill material along with these soft felt pads that will enhance the impression and add more stability to your landscaping essentials.

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What Material Variety Do We Offer For Artificial Grass Underlays?

Give your indoor and outdoor surroundings a personalized touch by selecting your desired material for a fake grass underpad. Here’s the material range to choose from:

  • Foam
  • Rubber
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
Artificial Underlay

Why Choose Us For Artificial Turf Underlay In Dubai?

Gym Flooring Dubai provides you with highly sustainable Artificial Turf Underlay to create a safe and stable surface to walk and step over.

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Our best underlay for artificial grass is manufactured using heavy-duty materials.

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We guarantee you premium quality underfelt that can last for many years straight.

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The soft shock pads are made using different types of materials including foam, rubber, polyethylene, or polypropylene. Also, these paddings are made from a combination of foam and rubber layers to add extraordinary cushioning.

These paddings are made from different types of materials, hence, varying in lifespans. An average quality one will last for 10-12 years and a good quality one can last for more than 18 years based on how you take care of it.

A certain degree of maintenance is required to keep the padding last for a long time. You can use the weed membrane beneath your synthetic turf to prevent weed growth, hence, prohibiting any kind of potential damage.

Fake grass paddings come with built-in holes that allow the free movement of water. So, the water won’t be absorbed by the rubber paddings. Whether it’s rainwater or from vacuuming, it will instantly flow down through the holes to the drainage point.

Yes! These protective and stable paddings greatly contribute to the longevity of your fake grass. They are highly permeable to water, 100% UV resistant, and an insanely durable product that majorly impacts the stability and sustainability of your landscaping synthetic grass.

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