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As the leading grass carpet supplier, we are committed to providing premium quality floor covering solutions for your residential and commercial enhancements.

Renovate Your Outdoors With Our Quality Turf Carpets

Are you in search of grass carpet Dubai? We’ve completely got you because we provide you with a high-performance landscaping solution at highly affordable prices. Our low green turf carpet prices will allow you to add comfort, aesthetics, and timeless functionality while being in your budget line.

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Check out our collection of luxury carpets available with a distinction of colors, coverings, thicknesses, and size options.

We Offer Custom Solutions For Grass Carpet in Dubai

Give your outdoor spaces a personalized finish with our custom-made fake turf carpets in Dubai. We customize this landscaping essential in terms of colors, pile heights, thicknesses, shapes, and sizes. You can get our high aesthetic covering with any shade of green such as dark green, light green, sage green, or brown green.

For any landscape and indoor entryways, you can personalize the dimensions of your flooring elements. Also, you can get custom paddings made from rubber or foam materials to create more comfy and cushioned surfaces. Our custom treatments are meant to enhance the overall efficiency of your spaces, creating easily maintainable surfaces for any kind of outdoor activity.

Long Pile
Long Pile
Short Pile
Short Pile

Our Grass Carpet Designs

Low Maintenance

Non-existent to minimal upkeep routines.

Higher Stability
Higher Stability

They can last for longer spans in busy areas.


Don’t get worn out, faded, or stained easily.

Allergen Free
Allergen Free

Free of fertilizer, pesticide & other chemicals.

Benefits Of Investing In Our Durable Fake Grass Carpets

Embellish your outdoor surroundings with our high-performance and versatile synthetic fiber carpets that are the ideal combo of comfort, stability, and aesthetics. You can keep your home’s outdoors or commercial premises evergreen all year round by having our multi-purpose floor coverings.

Our outdoor grass carpets Abu Dhabi can be installed in balconies, terraces, gardens, rooftops, decks, patios, pergolas, and backyards. They not only withstand the high foot traffic but also endure the atmospheric conditions like rain and snowfalls. In addition to that, they offer:

Grass Carpets

What Are The Material Types For Our Grass?

Our heavy-duty carpeting is designed using a synthetic material that ensures long-term serviceability in any space. The crafting materials are:

  • Polyester Carpet
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Synthetic Rubber
Stunning Grass Carpets

Why Choose Us For Grass Carpet Dubai?

Gym Flooring Dubai is a trustworthy retailer to provides you with heavy-duty and low-maintenance grass carpeting solutions made from sustainable synthetic materials.

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Get Expert Advice

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Marshalls Minimalist Garden Grass

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To eliminate your concerns regarding our carpeting services, we’ve briefly discussed your queries here.

For more detailed information, you can request online quotations anytime.

Yes! These fake synthetic fiber floor coverings are the ideal and easily maintainable solution for your outdoor spaces. These coverings are particularly designed to withstand harsh external environmental conditions and daily wear and tear.

Yes! When compared with the muddy natural grass, artificial fiber coverings are an entirely safe choice for your pets and kids as well. That’s because they don’t need mud, pesticides, or any other harmful fertilizers that are unsafe for the environment.

The estimates of the longevity of these fake turf coverings are entirely dependent on their material types, daily wear and tear, or upkeep schedules. However, you can easily expect a high-quality one to last for more than 15 years in busy households.

Yes! It is possible for an individual with basic skills and essential tools to lay down this grass. However, the integration of the drainage system requires professional assistance to get the job done flawlessly, effectively, and efficiently.

No! They are made from fake synthetic fibers that don’t require mowing, watering, and cutting. All you have to do is wash them periodically to keep the dirt, dust, and debris at bay, ensuring a hygienic environment.

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