Buy Our Long-Lasting Rubber Rolls Dubai At 20% OFF

We have a complete range of durable, dust, and stain-resistant rubber rolls available at low prices in Dubai & nearby cities. We also provide instant installation services for them.

100% Customization

We offer endless tailored options in rubber flooring to enhance the personalization of your floor surface at a very low budget.

Free Roll Sampling

You can also get a free rubber-made flooring sample from us to analyze the thickness, durability, and desired color.

Free Online Quotation

Get a warranty and guarantee on shopping for these floor coverings from us online.

12+ Years Experience

Our journey of providing quality & cost-effective flooring in Dubai started 12 years ago.

Renovate Your Floor With Our Rubber Rolls in Dubai

Enhance the aesthetic and elegance of your residential or commercial floor by covering it with our durable and custom non-slip rubber rolls Dubai. The versatile patterns, intricate colors, and custom sizes ensure an eye-catching renovation of concrete, asphalt, or wooden subfloors.

Years of Experience

 Years Of Experience

Completed Projects

Installation Projects


Clients Satisfaction

Our Trendy Rubber matting Roll Collection!

Explore our updated collection of eco-friendly and resilient rubber matting rolls to make your gym floor soundproof, comfortable, thermally insulated, and dust-resistant.

Hire Us For The Flawless Rubber Roll Installation

Are you looking for a team that ensures an efficient rubber flooring installation? Our professional team ensures expert installation services at market-competitive rates in Dubai and nearby cities.

We prepare the subfloor precisely by cleaning, leveling, and dusting for the perfect attachment of rubber matting roll layers. If we find any imperfection, we use heavy-duty compounds or fillers to refine the surface.

After taking accurate floor measurements, we cut the rubber roll into custom-sized pieces for a fine look. Our experts also use durable strips and tape for long-lasting attachment at the edges.

Diamond Plate
Diamond Plate
Coin Grip
Coin Grip
Virgin Rolls
Virgin Rolls
Ribbed Rolls
Ribbed Rolls
Interlocking Rolls
Interlocking Rolls
Recycled Rolls
Recycled Rolls

Patterned Gallery

Slip Resistance
Slip Resistant
High Durability
Easy Maintenance
Noise Reduction

What Are The Prominent Benefits Of Our Rubber Rolls?

Our professionally crafted rubber-made rolls provide exceptional floor aesthetics and improved functionality due to maximum personalization and expert craftsmanship. The multiple fine layers of rubber enhance the durability and resilience of our flooring. 

We also add a layer to enhance the UV and slip resistance of the floor surface. The unique dust, stain, and moisture resistance make our rubber rolls Dubai easily maintainable. In addition, these floor coverings also absorb the sound of heavy machinery and walking shoes to ensure complete peace and comfort.

Buy Elegant Rubber Flooring Roll

Custom-Made Rubber Floors In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

You can get completely customized rubber flooring with bespoke colors, patterns, sizes, textures, and styles at budget-friendly rates.

  • Coin Top Pattern
  • Fine Ribbed Roll
  • Wider Lined Roll
  • Diamond Pattern
Reliable Rubber Rolls

Why Choose Us?

Gym Flooring Dubai, being a top-rated Rubber Roll supplier in Dubai, we ensure a complete variety of rubber flooring at budget-friendly rates.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

We offer a guarantee on our quality material, professional craftsmanship, and affordable rates.

Online Booking

You can also get an online booking from our professional team at your flexible time.

Expert Craftsmanship
Get Expert Advice

Our experts provide professional advice to customers for choosing the best custom options.

Timely Delivery
Quick Shipping

We also offer quick and free shipping of our rubber flooring to your desired location in Dubai.

Versatile Rubber Rolls

Clients Testimonials

What Our Clients State About Us

The feedback given by our customers always motivates us to focus on quality and excellent service.


It’s our responsibility to address your most common queries, so we have enlisted some questions with the best possible answers here.

By reviewing these responses, you will get a holistic approach to key features of our premium quality commercially used rubber matting rolls.

The lifespan of rubber mats or rolls usually depends upon multiple factors including its maintenance, way of installation, craftsmanship, and durability. However, our rolls can last about 10-12 years with little maintenance and care.

Yes, of course, rubber mats or rolls can also be used to cover the floor of outdoor areas. We have a wide range of rubber outdoor rolls that ensure high durability and water, dust, and stain resistance at low rates.

Yes, our rubber mat flooring is highly suitable for high-traffic areas due to its high resilience, durability, stain, and dust resistance.

You can use this flooring for gyms, sports centers, and other commercial places.

Yes, our rubber flooring can be installed over concrete.

However, it must be ensured that the concrete surface is free from dents, gaps, stains, or adhesive materials for long-lasting foundation and high consistency.

Yes, our rubber flooring is completely eco-friendly for both your residential and commercial places.

We craft this flooring with natural, non-toxic, and renewable materials that diminish the emission of VOCs.

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