Create Healthiest Interiors With Our Sanitizing Mats Dubai

Sanitizing Floor Mats by Gym Flooring Dubai are an extremely beneficial addition for every residential and commercial space. These disinfecting floor mats will ensure the most hygienic environments for you at all times. Explore our collections today!

Premium Build Quality

Our sanitizing mats are designed with premium-grade PVC, Rubber, Natural Rubber, Polypropylene, and Tough Rubber Compound.

Endless Profile Option

These mats are available in a range of size, shape, thickness, color, pattern, and print options to best suit every entrance space.

Durable Floor Covering

These mats can endure all levels of wear and tear, foot traffic, and impact damage and can last long without any replacements.


Gym Flooring Dubai is a reliable brand working in the UAE, where you can find the biggest and most long-lasting variety of floor and welcome mats.

Reach Out To The Best Sanitizing Mats Supplier In Dubai

At our store, we stock perfect sanitizing mats Dubai for every setting and need of yours. From the best shoe sanitizing mat to sanitizing bath mats, we provide every option to make your entire place clean, tidy, and hygienic. Get ready for numerous wellness benefits!

Years of Experience

 Years Of Experience

Completed Projects

Completed Projects

team members

Team Members

Our Latest Disinfecting Floor Mat Ranges

Check out our trending gallery of sanitizing foot and door mats and you can easily find the finest options for interiors and exteriors in this extensive collection.

What Difference Do Our Disinfecting Mats Make?

Our disinfecting floor mats work by trapping all the dust, dirt, debris, and gunk from footwear, therefore preventing the transfer of all kinds of pollutants to living space. This way, they majorly contribute to maintaining hygienic conditions indoors.

Another major benefit of adding these gym mats to your places is that they give a presentable look to all entrance and exit points. They come in a number of classy and sophisticated designs and you can also have them custom designed.

Also, for disinfecting welcome mats, we provide exclusive logo, message or phrase printing and designing services so that you can make your reception areas completely unique from others.

Sanitizing Foot Bath Mats
Sanitizing Foot Bath Mats
Sanitizing Door Mat
Sanitizing Door Mat
Disinfecting Office Mats
Disinfecting Office Mats
Boot Scrubber Mats
Boot Scrubber Mats
Wheel Sanitizing Mats
Wheel Sanitizing Mats
Sanitizing Foot Mat
Sanitizing Foot Mat

Best Seller Sanitizing Floor Mats For Homes & Offices

Here are some of the most popular matting options at our store. They work wonders for both residential and commercial areas and will last for the longest periods of time as well.

Eco Friendly
100% Eco-friendly
Kids and Pets Friendly
Kid And Pet-friendly
Slip Resistance
Completely Anti-Slip
Absorb Sound
Highly Noise Reducing

Benefits Of Using Our Disinfecting Floor Mats

As stated earlier, sanitizing mats Dubai help keep interiors clean and dirt-free by blocking the transfer of all pathogens and pollutants. And you’re meant to notice significant improvement in your own and your family’s health with the addition of these mats.

Over and above, these mats also improve indoor air quality and are completely non-toxic and eco-friendly to be safe for toddlers and pets. Plus, they will make it really easy to keep your interiors tidy and presentable all the time.

Besides, these sanitizing mats are highly stain-resistant and hence easy to clean themselves too. Even if you cannot manage a lot of cleanups, they will work fine and keep your spaces healthy.

Sanitizing Mats

Placement & Installation Possibilities For Sanitizing Floor Mats

You can also have a permanent or long-term installation of sanitization area mats in your desired areas. We provide complete prep, fitting, custom sizing, finishing, and on-site styling services for these flooring mats.

  • Larger Sizes And Shapes For Full Floor Covering
  • High-quality And Long-lasting Adhesives For Flawless Fitting
  • Customized Sizing For Accommodating Odd Nooks And Corners
  • Added Stain And Odor Resistant Treatments For Freshness
  • Pre-attached Thick Underlayments For Maximum Damage Prevention
Modern Sanitizing Mats

Why Choose Us?

Gym Flooring Dubai is the ultimate trustworthy decor brand which will perfectly cater to all decor improvement needs.

Quality Assurance
Finest Quality Matting

Our sanitizing mats Dubai provides high performance in all usage conditions and ensures maximally clean and hygienic interiors for health benefits.

Conceals Imperfections
Personalized Designing Possibilities

In addition to all versatile available options, you can also get these mats custom designed per your area needs.

Expert Craftsmanship
Dedicated Outdoor Treatments

For outdoor usage, we offer specialized UV-proof, water-resistant and fade-resistant sanitizing welcome mat options which can be used year round.

Timely Delivery
Timely Delivery

Our platform ensures the timely delivery of your desired piece at your place.

Best Sanitizing Mats

Client’s Feedback!

Appreciative Notes From Customers

Have a look at how our previous customers have shown their satisfaction with our unique and hard-wearing sanitizing floorings.


Buying sanitizing mats for the first time? Go through our following FAQ section to learn about all their functionalities and usage aspects.

And for any other concerns or questions, you can always reach out to us and get instant assistance.

Yes, you can have these mats customized for any desired functionality or purpose. We offer shape, size, thickness, design, finishing and backing customizations along with different treatments such as pet proofing, moisture-resistant, stain-resistant and UV proofing ones.

Of course, these mats are completely safe to use in kitchens and commercial food processing areas. They are designed with zero toxins and through eco-friendly methods, so as to not release any VOCs and improve air quality as well. Besides, these mats can also help with odor reduction.

Yes, these mats are designed to be used as welcome and foot mats outdoors. You can place them in all reception areas, entryways and exits to wipe off all the debris from footwear and prevent the transfer of pollutants. Also, these mats don’t get damaged by any atmospheric conditions.

Yes, nearly all our disinfecting mats come with warranties and guarantees in order to ensure the most satisfactory experiences for our customers. To reduce usage hassle, you can also get maintenance and cleaning services for these mats from us and make them last long.

Of course, these mats work best in both low and high traffic areas and contribute to cleaner and healthier living spaces. They don’t get damaged by excessive foot fall and/or impact damage and also make the floors safe to walk over. With these mats, it becomes easy to keep all areas clean.

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